by Life Partner



released September 11, 2010




Life Partner Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Life Partner
you made it real good
you made it so good
you made it real good my life partners

life partner
Track Name: Untitled
you better watch your step
you don't know who you're talking to
i've got a problem with you guys
you better stop now

got it made

you've got cake on your face
you better eat it fast

you've got it made
but your friends are really jealous now

yea you win

and i would say you lose
Track Name: Cosby
I've been waiting for your call
So i stayed up late with my mom
we watched some t.v.
so late at night
i laughed at bill cosby till my eyes turned white

i got your message i'm not in the band
well that's alright
i've got two able hands
i'll start my own band
just me and my friends
yeah i don't need you you're a jerk

i've got it made
i've got it made in the shade
Track Name: Hygiene is King
i feel so sick
my face is caked in my sweat
it's such a mess

it's all or one
so now i'm done in my head

i made a list of all the things i need to be clean

first on the list is to wash my hair
then my hands and face

and when i'm done i feel clean

hygiene is king

i feel so neat
my eyebrows tweezed
my mustache looks real mean

i'm going outside
for the first time in my life
i'm panicking
i need to be clean

hygiene is king
Track Name: Train is Passing 2
hey man, you got some money?
so i can get on the train?

hey man, you got a cigarette?
so i can get out of my brain?
i'm so insane

hey man, you got a dollar?
so i can go buy a beer
and get on the train
Track Name: Covenant Forever
we gotta make it, somehow
we gotta make it, let's start now

i had a dream
more like a nightmare
i thought you were here
but then you were not there

you are my best friend
but now i have to leave
i don't understand it
this shit ain't so easy

let's change our names
let's change