Oil Drink

by Life Partner



Recorded from February to May of 2010 in my different bedrooms in Louisville, KY and Chicago, IL. Everything recorded and mixed by Aaron Ozzy.


released June 12, 2010

Aaron Ozzy - Vocals/Guitar/Desk




Life Partner Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Genesis
you've got a lot of nerve
talking that shit like you know me
but you don't
don't wanna hear about it
i don't wanna talk about it anymore

they was my genesis
they left me here
they was my genesis
but i don't need them

you've got a lot to learn
about these things you've been spreading around
you keep running your mouth
i've got a lot to say
but i ain't gonna say it that way

they was my genesis
i don't need that shit
they was my genesis
i don't need them
Track Name: Clothes
yea you've got some really nice shirts
can i borrow one for the night?
i need some leather boots

yea i ate some of your chips
while you were gone
i'm going over the line

hey i didn't see you there
how you been?
i'm going to bed.
Track Name: We Are One
he's gonna need meaningful lust
when he's done he feels fucked up

we are one

i've gotta quit this game while i'm still young

we are one
we are done
Track Name: Romantic Dinner
I got some really nice wine for a friend of mine i haven't seen in years
she's coming over tonight, tongue tied and beaten
i made a nice dinner for this friend i haven't seen in a while
she's just coming over, watching t.v.
eating snacks

maybe i should wash my face

i just need to say what i mean
and then i can accomplish it

i just need some time
to blow her mind

now my friends have come over
they ruined my romantic dinner

they ruined my romantic dinner
Track Name: Miracle of Pat
his mustache doesn't connect with his beard
him and spencer man, they is colder than beer
he needs a woman's touch like he needs a head of hair

pat raised a cain
pat's really lame
Track Name: Members
You've got a system
it ain't that pretty
they took your system
you've got a feeling

i got your number
so i can call you
so i can reach you
i need your name

are all the same
you'll keep them till they're not willing
members don't mean anything
unless you keep them

yeah you gotta quit this
it's doing nothing for you
you've gotta quit this and go back home

mean nothing
unless you can keep it together

don't mean anything
unless you kill them

yeah i've gotta finish on what i started
and now i'll go back cause i'm retarded

members mean shit.